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Frequently asked questions:

What happens when I place my Order with you?

Once you have placed your Order online you will receive within a few moments an automated email confirming receipt of your Order and this will also confirm that your Order is in our System. Exact details of the Order that you have placed will all be confirmed within this email too.

Within 24 hours you will then receive an email from one of our Team here at Gemsmiths confirming your Delivery date and any other pertinent information relating to your Order.

When your Order is ready and we are about to dispatch it to you we will contact you again. You can phone us at any time during the process for an update too if you wish.

Why buy from Gemsmiths using our online store?

Gemsmiths has developed a cost effect solution for online shopping. We manufacture much of the Jewellery ourselves and so we cut out the wholesalers and High Street Shops and so you can make savings of around 60%.

How important is it to have a certified diamond?

Diamond certificates are normally supplied with single diamonds that are H Colour or better and 0.30 carats and over. The grading certificate is your guarantee that your diamond has been independently graded for Carat Weight, Colour, Clarity and Cut by one of the main independent diamond grading laboratories. Gemsmiths normally only supplies diamonds that have been pre-graded by the GIA, HRD or IGI.

I don't know my partners ring size?

If you don't know the ring size we will make your ring to a standard size and it can be re-sized afterwards if necessary.

What is the cut grade of my diamond?

When you buy Jewellery where the diamonds have a Certificate, Gemsmiths only supply to you diamonds that have cut, polish and symmetry grades of 'good' or above. We do not use any Diamonds below these grades. Our Website is designed to allow you to choose the best possible Jewellery for the budget that you have.

Does all of your Diamond Jewellery come with Certificates?

No. Where an item contains several smaller diamonds then it is not normal practise to provide Certificates for every diamond that is used in an item. Whether you purchase from diamonds please or from somewhere else it is not normal practice throughout the Jewellery Trade as a whole to supply Diamond Certificates for items with multiple diamonds.

A harsh reality however is that many Companies do choose to use this as an opportunity to supply diamonds to the general public that we consider to be below a quality that we would be happy to sell here at diamonds please. We will not do this. Where an item uses multiple diamonds we use the quality of G/H SI as a minimum. Often the diamonds we use will be of a superior quality to this - however, this is our guaranteed minimum quality.

How do we arrive at this G/H SI as being our minimum? Straightforward - this is the diamond quality that we recommend to our friends and Family, and have done so for the past 30 years or so.

Our ethos is simple - if we are happy to recommend it to our friends and our Family then we are happy to recommend it to you, our Customers.

How big is my diamond?

We have a diamond size guide you can have a look at. You will find this under the section headed Diamond Education and our Diamond Size Comparison Section also means you can compare all Diamond Shapes and Sizes on an actual's amazing, click the link below and have a look!

Do we sell conflict diamonds?


How long will my order take?

Usually less than 7 working days from order date to delivery. However we do have a Showroom with very large stocks of diamonds and diamond jewellery so when you place your order we will email you with a delivery date as we may just have your item in stock. If you have a particular date that you need an item for then please contact us and let us know and we will endeavour to have the item ready for when you need it. You can phone on 01773 765858 or email us.

Do all products carry a hallmark?

All Gemsmiths jewellery where required is hallmarked by one of the Assay Offices of Great Britain. This is your guarantee of the precious metal content of your jewellery and if an item is above a certain weight is a legal requirement in the UK.

Can I order over the telephone

Please give us a call between our working hours of 10:00am - 4.00pm Mon to Friday. Our telephone number is 01773 765858.

How is my jewellery packaged?

Every piece of jewellery is supplied in a beautiful elegant presentation box designed by Gemsmiths.

How is my jewellery delivered?

Your purchase will be delivered by Royal Mail Special Delivery which is a guaranteed next day service, before 1pm, your jewellery is fully insured. Note - the outer packaging is deliberately plain so no-one will know valuable items are contained there-in.