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The NHS Covid  Coin is the brainchild of Daniel Brimble, Our companies Managing Director, the coin has been designed as a national  monument, to be a memorial to the victims of the Covid-19  Pandemic


This is a concept of the Covid memorial coin monument, it can be displayed for all time and for future generations to remember the Hard Work, Sacrifice, and loss that Covid-19 has bought to all of us. It would be greatly appreciated if we could have your feedback, so we can design the memorial to represent the nation. Please take our survey below to have your thoughts and ideas put forward.

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My name is Daniel Brimble. I am the Director of a Company called Gemsmiths, a bespoke Jeweller based in Belper, Derbyshire.
The inspiration for this coin came when 11 members of my family contracted COVID-19, and through this, we lived the awful experience that thousands of families have gone through due to COVID-19.
Our family was one of the lucky ones, we survived, but we know so many have not been, with over 90,000 people in Britain having sadly passed away.
Due to this, we know how important the fundamental role the NHS and careworkers play in beating this virus.
Gemsmiths wants to show their support and decided to create a coin for the Government to commemorate the efforts of the NHS. The coin will stand as a monument and a reminder of the sacrifices we have all made, and it will be the biggest Silver Coin in the world.
We know that we will beat this virus, but we all need to do our part.
I have designed the coin the best I can, (I have put a date on the coin, however, the end date may change depending on when we beat the virus,) but I am not sure of Public Opinion. This is where I need your help.
Below are some questions about the design of the coin. Please could you take some time to tell us what are the most important things for you to be placed on the design?
It is important to us that the coin represents the Nation.
We intend to take this project to the Government to commission Gemsmiths to produce it, to put it on public display somewhere prominent, as a permanent reminder of this tragic time in history.
Thank you in advance
Daniel Brimble